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Uncategorizable awfulness 3. (click on images for larger version)

Bad Album Cover. Bad Album Cover.
Bad Album Cover. Bad Album Cover.
Bad Album Cover.
151) The Jon and Robin "Elastic Event". As you can see, Jon didn't really carry off the psychedelic guru look very well here, as he looks like the depressed lovechild of Richard Nixon, and Robin looks similarly glum!
Here's some stunning backgrond information on Jon and Robin from Usenet ...
"Jon Abnor was the son of the owner of Abnak Records. Robin was not related to him. Jon had mental difficulties and in the 70s, he was treated at Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas, where he had an affair with a psychiatric nurse. After he was released, they lived together and he ended up murdering her. I think he committed suicide, but I'm not sure."
152) Masked Elvis soundalike Orion with "Reborn"... He should have had a fire hazard warning on that hair!
153) Alternative version with a somewhat literal interpretation of the "reborn" theme!
154) Luke Baldwin's "The Tattoo On My Chest". If you can't quite see the The tattoo in question on the thumbnail image, it is a rabbit ... with antlers and a rose in it's mouth!!!
If this man ever came to his senses, he would probably say something like "Sheeeit! what have ah durn?
* I have since been informed by a motley crew of American confederates that this is in fact a "jackalope", a mythical creature in the southwestern US that is somewhere between a jack-rabbit and an antelope (???). None of them knew what the rose was about though.
155) What the hell is this supposed to be? ... whatever it is, thanks are due to "Gizmo" of Switzerland for sending it in!
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