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Ventriloquism on record? (click on images for larger version)

Bad Album Cover. Bad Album Cover. Bad Album Cover. Bad Album Cover. Bad Album Cover.
122) Oh Jeezus! ... Biblical ventriloquism from Dan Betzer and "Louie".
123) "Magic" meets "The Steptford Wives" in the form of Christian ventriloquists, Geraldine and Ricky. See how time has taken it's toll on both Geraldine and Ricky below!

Geraldine and Ricky now.
Rear sleeve: Teaching Ricky to play golf!
Sleeve for "Evangelist E.J. Daniels presents Geraldine and Ricky". From the sleeve notes ... "Miss Murray, a native of Louisiana, was given the gift of ventriloquism overnight by God when she was 14 years old, and later turned down a job offer at Disneyland that paid $375 a day because she couldn’t talk about the Lord and would have had to work on Sundays". Naughty Ricky looks like he is trying to conceal his "wood" from the nice Christian lady here.
124) Two things: I think that you will agree that audio recordings of ventriloquism are something of a flawed concept! ... and secondly, how exactly can a ventriloquists dummy be "live"?
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