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When sex rears it's (very) ugly head 2. (click on images for larger version)

Bad Album Cover. Bad Album Cover. Bad Album Cover. Bad Album Cover.
105) Would you like to "push push" with Herbie??
Just in case you are left in doubt as to the meaning of the title, there is very tasteful soft focus picture of a copulating couple on the inner gatefold.
ps for those of you who haven't heard him, Herbie Mann is actually a great flautist, so don't let the cover put you off!
106) Ventriloquism, fellatio, patriotism and race relations all on one cover. What more could you possibly ask for?
107) "The Sensuous Black Woman Meets the Sensuous Black Man". It's pretty easy to guess what happens next.
ps Check out the man's head in the larger version, it obviously belongs to someone else, and is quite possibly the worst paste job of all time.
108) The great Clarence Reid aka "Blow Fly" with the cover for his "On Tour" album.
I love every detail of this sleeve, from the cheap suitcase, to the faux descending from an airplane waving at his thousands of fans pose. The naughty, nipple tweaking "Y" is the final "piece de resistance."
Incidentally, many people say that his "Odd Balls" (1962), and "Rap Dirty" (1965) were the first ever "rap" records. He kind of sounds a little like "Parliament", only with huge helpings of absolute filth over the top.
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