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The God squad 3. (click on images for larger version)

Bad Album Cover. Bad Album Cover. Bad Album Cover. Bad Album Cover.
80) Father Columba McManus (Servite Friar) was one of many "Singing Priests". I tried to listen to this, and he seems like a very jolly sort of chap with a nice, tuneful voice. Unfortunately though, I did start to lose the will to live around track 3 ("Wandering Mary"). I never made it any further!
81) The Amason Twins with "The Lord's Coming Again" (whatever that may mean). Nice jackets boys!
82) "Little David" Walker and family's "I Feel Like Travelling On". To be honest, I have included this one more for the sleeve notes than the sleeve itself. as they are HILARIOUS! ...
read them here.
83) As you can see from the previous covers, the natural home of the musical God-botherer is undoubtedly the US, land of the Pilgrim Fathers. Finally, in the interests of balance, here's some Christian awfulness from somewhere else! (the UK). The girl at the end looks like a real party animal!
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