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The best of the worst. Featuring a top ten voted for by users.

Music videos from Ninja Tune, Big Dada and others.

Are you a musician who is bewildered by music technology jargon? ... or an engineer who is suffering from short term memory loss? ... then this is the page for you!

Band Features.

Evi Vine.

Evi Vine: Hers is a form of songwriting steeped in metaphor, narrative and emotion, playing out its stories over a backdrop of tense guitar and rhythm that has one foot in the Mississippi delta and one foot in the tenements of Berlin. Translating the emotions and stories at play in the songs with a voice that leaves the audience gasping for air, the fragile beauty of this work is underpinned by darker powers that hint at a life far outside the realms of the everyday.

'Excellent ... absorbing, haunting and sensual ... welcome to the dark side of the blues' - Cosmo Landesman (The Sunday Times)

Ghost Money.

UPDATED! Ghost Money: Not an ancient oriental tradition, but a brilliant and innovative writer and instrumentalist from Leeds (UK). Ghost Money has worked with artists as Chris Dawkins (Nightmares on wax), Kadir Durvesh (master of the Indian Shenai), Inder Goldfinger, Elimar and many others.

A profile, and details of the Ghost Money album, "The Shattered Worldview Assortment", are available here.

motherboard connection Motherboard Connection: Formed in early 2000, Motherboard Connection are a House band from East London. So far they have released three vinyl singles and a CD album, with two further albums on the way at the time of writing.
Their pages at zonicweb contain information about the band (including a constantly updated news section), along with 8 free music downloads, 2 in mp3, and six in WMA format, so check it out!

Dark Chunk. Dark Chunk: Dark Chunk were formed in the summer of 2002. founder members Joe Cicero & Chris Young had been playin the funk intermittently for over five years. A few unfocused bands later, they hit upon the vision that is Dark Chunk, where organic funk instrumentation meets apocalyptic electronics in a club in a dark corner of your mind!!!
Information on the band, along with 6 download tracks are featured here at zonicweb.

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