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Bad Album Cover.  

8 (-) Van Halen - "Balance" [41 votes]

Astounding design produced by Jeri Heiden, Randee Saint Nicholas and Glenn Wexler. I really can't figure out why this hideously warped cover photo isn't the number one!

Selected comments from voters ...
"Just plain creepy. The whole "siamese twins" theming of that one, and the seesaw (Van Halen?) cover are just disturbing. R.M. (Unknown)"

"I never thought that I would see a worse cover than the Scorpions "Virgin Killer", but THIS IS IT!!!" J.K. (Unknown)

"I would pick #4, figuring that it is the true origin of the adjective "heinous". M.F. (USA)

"The worst. Astounding!" S.T. (Argentina)

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