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6 (3) Millie Jackson - "Back To The Shit" [63 votes]

A perennial top ten favourite, due possibly to the stupefying cover concept, along with the somewhat strained look on Millie's face as she "parks her van load". Finally, as the "coup de grace", she manages to make the shoe in her hand look like a huge turd, and of course, a collection of the worst album covers without Millie Jackson simply wouldn't be right would it!?

Selected comments from voters ...
"It is hilarious and utterly tasteless. I will never forget this image." R.D. (Sweden)

That Millie Jackson cover has always cracked me up.  Talk about wrong.  The best part about it...well, it would have to be a tie between the shoe in her hand (what?) and that vase of silk flowers on the floor (double what?) … I was working in a record store when this was out...and I'm pretty sure I did buy it, just for the cover. P. (U.S.A.?)

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