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Bad Album Cover.  

2 (2) Richard and Willie - "Funky Honkey, Nasty Nigger" [121 votes]

Straight in at number 2. A simply stupefying cover from the "Blaxploitation" era. A lovely touch is the little patriotic flag in the middle of it all. This is definitely worth checking out if you ever see it, as it's a great album!

Selected comments from voters ...
"82... tho it could also be considered the best of all time. of particular interest is the look on each dummys' face (except the one in the middle). the black dummy, lips lazily clutching a burned-down ciggy-butt, looks as if he's in the throes of pre-orgasm while the white dummy leers like a titty-bar patron from across the lap. it's so perverse, it rates a quadruple x. fookin' brilliant." M.S. (USA)

"82, with that men with that face, the two puppets and the blowjob it´s just (how can i say this?) it´s just ART in the highest meaning of that word! ..." F.P. (Argentina).

All I could do was stare, mouth agape, for the longest time... what's really frightening is that at least 3 people thought it was a good idea. W.P. (Unknown)

Number #82.  Definitely number #82! K.O. (USA)

Tacky design, bad photography, racial epithets and oral sex on what is apparently a ventriloquism recording. How could it be worse? T.R. (U.S.A.)

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